Mission Statement

It's more than a mission statement. This is the heart of our company. It's the driving force behind the way we do things. "Construction Simplified" is more than a catchy tagline. It is our push to change the industry for the better.  Honesty, transparency, structure, and communication are the keys to every successful project. Our goal for each project is to simplify the process for every client, both in commercial and residential markets, to develop and cultivate solid partnerships within the entire team. 

Our Services



Successful project management is fueled by proactive decision making as well as consistent execution through the entire construction process. We'll help you develop an overall project success plan, manage budgets, logistics and project schedules, and take you through every phase of the process.


We'll serve as an extension of the owner's staff. With our experience, connections, and resources, we'll work with you through the life cycle of the project to ensure success from beginning to end. We'll keep you up to date with project development and changes to help you make the best decisions as the process unfolds.



We are passionate about new ideas and ventures. More than that, we have the right connections with the right people to take new development ideas and see them come to life. Working side by side with the owner and their design teams, we'll give you the extra tools needed to see your development launch successfully.

Our Team

Simplicity runs through our veins and it flows through our team. Construction Simplified is comprised of a robust team of talented individuals who work hard to complete any task. Our team of qualified professionals are well seasoned to work with you on your project. Our primary goal is to simplify the entire process for you, and we do that by working together, putting the right people in the right roles to bring your project to life.

Brent Gibson - Founder


As an entrepreneur, a construction professional, and an industry leader, Brent is raising the standard of quality and innovation for the construction world. Brent has a unique ability to see the client's needs, and to execute a project's vision in a way that leaves old industry standards behind.

Bringing over $500 million of leadership experience, and a fresh perspective of innovation and growth, Brent is a visionary in his field. His passion for people, and his love for the local community fuels his entrepreneurial spirit. 

Brent and his wife Meleah reside in the beautiful west side of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Construction Simplified is his first project within Gibson Ventures.