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Construction Simplified brings construction education to the owners’ side of the table, not just as part of the project team.  As your dedicated representative throughout design, build, and operations of your project, rest assured your interest are the top priority. Construction Simplified puts extensive construction management experience in your corner.

We assist clients in all facets of their real estate and construction related programs and projects.  Anything that our expertise can assist with proves valuable to our clients:

  • Hourly consulting, project planning and guidance, and issue resolution
  • Program & preplanning of future real estate investments
  • Project Specific planning, procurement, construction, and closeout
  • Operational construction in financing, budgeting, and maintenance performance

Because we have strong relationships with architects, designers, contractors, developers and real estate experts, we can draft the right team for your project.  From real estate procurement and due diligence, design and construction contracting, and construction project management, we deliver realistic expectations, a plan that works, and a team that will execute.

“We see the red flags — and the solutions to those red flags — that owners aren’t anticipating.”



As your Construction Manager, Construction Simplified offers a refreshing, experienced, and collaborative approach that brings transparency and strong communication to ensure a highly successful project — every time.  We only build the right projects, for the right clients.

After getting a full understanding of your project goals, we handle every planning detail, from developing an executable timeline, assembling a realistic budget, and determining the appropriate procurement method for the project.  During construction, our team leads the onsite coordination, budget and issue management, and schedule & quality adherence, delivering your project as expected.  

We are a different CM Firm because of our planned daily involvement in our other services; Owner’s Rep & Development Partner.  Therefore, we think differently and our clients gain tremendous value from that.

“We are not just a builder. We are professional construction experts who lead you through all aspects of construction: design, management, and execution of your project.”



Construction Simplified can serve as your Development Partner when your needs of business growth required development efforts prior to construction, resulting in a profitable return as an investment, where it is a small local development or multi-state expansion. 

Early on, we lead in assisting with real estate site selection, jurisdiction navigation and approvals, equity procurement & structure, to final construction documents and permitting.  All of this is in effort to appropriately complete the necessary due diligence process.  This leads to effective design and construction.

Construction Simplified’s goal is to ensure performance of the assets as original planned.  Our experience in assembling the right opportunities in leasing, build-to-suit arrangements, or turn-key project construction allows for the right operating arrangement.  Our efforts and involvement for these services can range from a standard development fee to equity ownership, all depending on the deal and interest of all parties.  

“We’re looking for development opportunities that maximize value for our clients by bringing all of our services together in one project.”