Retainer style - Owner’s Representative

CIC Management - Grand Rapids, MI

For Boardwalk Condominiums, we helped the condo board by reviewing a prior obtained
reserves study and helped setup a 5-year expenditure plan, specific to the local economy and
industry. This has resulted in the timely upkeep of the brick and masonry through tuckpointing
of the building envelope, mechanical systems upgrades upon catastrophic failure of an aging
boiler system, and a complete insurance review of the failure.

At Union Square Condominiums, what started out as a simple request for our solicitation of proposals to repaint the lobby, turned into an opportunity to provide leadership and expertise to the condo board for a much larger project. This began with collaborating with their selected design lead to present the pros and cons of multiple design options from the lobby through the staircase, up four floors. Due to the complexities of this historic 1800’s school building, proper coordination and execution were critical to this project. Our involvement lead to an efficient use of time and budget to refresh the lobby lighting, flooring, and four-story stairwell all while keeping the building fully operational for over 150 residents.

“Your annoying short term problems can be solved with proper long term planning. We understand that not all projects are require architects and contractors, therefore having construction expertise on the other end of the phone will prove valuable to these situations. Tired of not knowing where to start? Give us a call, or shoot us an email.” -CS

James Fry