“We see the red flags - and the solutions to those red flags - that owners aren’t anticipating.”

Our model projects are those that we get to be a part of from the early moments of conception all the way through project completion and warranty service.  This is where we bring the most value as when we plan and lead correct from the start, the foundation gets set for the project’s success.

Our team members get engaged at the first thought of a project and work with our clients to understand their goals, experience, and those direct project parameters; scope, schedule, and budget.  We will then organize the plan, efforts, and responsibilities starting with Development & Pre-design activities and then moving into the various design document stages (Schematic, Design Development, & Construction Documentation).  Once design is complete, our team leads the project and the selected General Contractor / Construction Manager through all construction bidding & contracting, construction execution, and the project closeout phase. 

We have the experience, know how, and understanding of the “rules of the game” when talking about design & construction.  We also have the confidence and experience to execute upon those rules to bring our clients tremendous value.


Hourly Consulting and General Industry Guidance

By far our most common starting point in a new relationship, we can simply work with your team to get involved in the multiple early discussions involved in any project.  This allows you to know you are on the right path before valuable time and money have been exhausted.

    • Site & project assessment/real-estate – pre-project analysis

    • Construction procurement/contract methodology

    • Construction & design professional procurement

    • Scheduling and project timeline (construction is more than just the build)

    • Budget reviews and purchasing power analysis

Retainer Style - Owner Rep Services

Use us for the work that is larger than what building maintenance can take on, but smaller than a normalized construction project.  We often help our clients with the small, upkeep, specialty and ongoing projects that need management. We will help you understand how to implement projects in the future on a defined expenditure plan.

A quick synopsis of work done in the past has been reroofing, large site maintenance (tuckpointing), mechanical replacement and systems consultation, historical restoration, architectural refresh, and insurance analyses.

Simple Successes Coming Soon

Single Project – Full Service Owner’s Representative

Help with Pre-design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, construction bidding, construction oversight, project closeout and warranty period assistance.

Construction Program Management

The problem with construction is we very rarely design and build the same exact project twice, not just in physical attributes, but team members always vary as well.  However, we believe we just haven’t looked hard enough for the solution and look for opportunities to push repetitive construction needs into a manufacturer-ish program model.

In lieu of continually loosing efficiencies project to project, we lead the planning and setup knowing full well of the variables ahead.  By planning for this, we streamline the risks associated with the variables, thus leading to exponentially greater success and efficiency.  

Our Construction Program Management services have helped businesses expand across the country. We help insure a consistent brand and product, speed up your delivery model, and save costs through greater purchasing power.  We’ve done it before, but let us help put together your project in a box.

Our Simple Successes: