Construction Program Management

Neurocore Brain Centers - Grand Rapids, MI

Neurocore, a brain performance company, had an aggressive plan to change the medical office experience their patients were accustomed to, to that of a high quality, great location, retail experience starting with locations in and around the Grand Rapids headquarters.  Once existing facilities were to be updated and locations changed if needed, it was a national mission to open locations across the US searching for locations in high-traffic retail corridors.  

This is where the team at Construction Simplified stepped in.  Working with the Neurocore leadership and design team, we first refined the project plan layout and buildout standards so the brand was carried through all future facilities.  We also streamlined complex materials packages, client-direct-purchased for our lighting, millwork, flooring, and other non-commodity finishes with local trusted suppliers to ensure project budgeting alignment and future construction timeline success.  Once the plans were set, it was off to execution. 

The CS team routinely provided site selection surveys to ensure the planned buildout standards could be met with ease and the investment into these locations and facilities proves valuable.  We would also lead the coordination with the team designers and source and procure regional MEP engineers to ensure local code compliance of each facility.   

Finally, to ensure a proven deliverable construction project leading to operations, we aggressively solicited qualified regional construction firms to perform the detailed 11-week buildout of the facility. 

By partnering with Construction Simplified, Neurocore had a proven plan, setup for success from the beginning, which led our client opened 10+ locations as planned in Michigan and Florida. 

“If you are preparing for a multiple location or have a repetitive construction type program on the horizon, the team at Construction Simplified can help.  We travel to all corners of the country bringing our expertise and mission to simply the industry we love.”  - CS

James Fry